Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1 Review

Writer: Sean Murphy  

Art: Sean Murphy and Dave Stewart (colorist)

Publisher: DC comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 29th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

Based on the classic Batman Beyond animated series, Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1 presents an alternative take on the Beyond mythos by having it set in the White Knight universe.

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I previously read Batman White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn, also written by Murphy, and enjoyed all the homages made to Batman the Animated series. Plus, I’ve read pretty much every Batman Beyond series DC has done since Adam Beechen’s run in 2010. Therefore, after that bit of background showcasing what I know about Batman Beyond, I would say Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1 depicts the most unique interpretation of the characters by far.

It combines Murphy’s White Knight Universe with the already established Beyond-verse helmed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett.  The results are, in a word, schway, to use a favorite expression of Terry McGinnis.

The ending scene is quite a surprise, but to be honest, I was actually much more surprised to learn who was speaking with Terry over comm-link in the opening scene. I really liked the scenes between Bruce and Jason, showing a bit more vulnerability to Bruce, and him questioning whether he was a good role model for the bat-family. I think it really captured the emotional gravitas that was often seen in many episodes of Batman the Animated series and really gets to the heart of who Bruce Wayne is as a character.


I was so impressed by Sean Murphy throughout the entirety of Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1. From the writing to the artwork, readers can quickly discover how much he loves these characters and wants to do them justice by the fans. One of the biggest things that stuck out to me about the artwork was Murphy’s use of shadows. There are characters who, while not seen in costume, we see the silhouettes of their costumes.

This can be seen both with Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn, as well as in the final scene. I do think Harley should’ve been shown to have aged a little more, especially since a significant amount of time is supposed to have passed. Nevertheless, I liked the page featuring Bruce’s reminiscing about when Jason was Robin in their crime-fighting days, as well as the full page of Terry in the Beyond bat-suit.


I was really impressed with Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1 overall, and definitely want to read more. Some things were discussed such as a falling out between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, which I hope is explored further in future issues. Plus, I’m also intrigued about what will happen with Harley’s daughter, more of the confrontation at the end of the issue, and what will happen when Terry and Bruce finally meet. Overall, I highly recommend picking up Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1.


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