Batman #107 Review

Writer: James Tynion IV

Art: Jorge Jimenez, Tomeu Morey, Clayton Cowles

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: 4/6/21

As we dive deeper into post Future State Gotham, what does James Tynion have in store for us this month? With Jorge Jimenez on art, you can bet it’ll look fabulous no matter what! Let’s check it out in what is one of my most anticipated books of the month!

If you’re interested in Batman #107 or any of the others mentioned, simply click on the title/link to snag a copy through Amazon.


James Tynion IV wastes no time in getting us right back into the story. A series of newscasts update us on the goings-on in Gotham and that Jonathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow, is now considered a threat to Gotham even though he was presumed dead in the A-day attacks at Arkham Asylum. While we get snippets from eight different newscasts, I was honestly slightly disappointed we didn’t get one from channel 52, which was so widely used in the New 52 era of DC comics which also feels like forever ago!

Gotham has been battered and bruised from the recent events of the Joker War and its remaining lingering annoyances. The citizens are nervous, and rightfully so, and are stocking up preparing for the seemingly next wave of violence.

Batman, seen lurking in the shadows finally finds what he’s been looking for and we’re off to the races as it were, albeit with Batman using a glow stick of sorts instead of a flashlight. We’ll talk more about this in the “art” section later…

Harley Quinn, after making a brief appearance in issue 106 has a much more substantial role in this week’s issue. Will she continue on her so-called new direction, or fall back into old habits?? You’ll have to read the issue to find out, but I genuinely laughed out loud when reading her lines!

Barbara Gordon (Oracle) continues to have a major role in this book which makes me extremely happy. She mentions getting assistance from other Bat-family members which will most certainly lead to another book that I’m looking forward to! A couple of other fan-favorite characters make an appearance too, hopefully with substantial upcoming roles. I love how Tynion is making a conscious effort to make this feel like a great big living world but isn’t forcing the subject…at least in this story. More on that later.


As good as the story is, the art is equal to, if not better than. Batman using a glow stick for light allows for spectacular coloring. Jimenez putting the glow stick in Batman’s mouth also allow him to do something I’ve rarely if ever seen. That being, Batman grabbing something out of his utility belt.

Tomeu Morey’s coloring is featured in the Electric Town segments of the book as well!

Oracle’s facial expressions are also worth the price of the book in itself. Jimenez’s detail and angles he uses in penciling the clock tower are extremely unique and work very well as well.

Ghost-Maker Chapter One:

I’ve never been a fan of backups. Very rarely are they ever better than the main story. Backups in sports are backups because they aren’t as good as the starters. I tend to go with this line of thinking in comic backups. I’d rather pay an extra dollar more of the Batman story honestly than a backup. The lettering is very odd and makes it hard to read. We also get introduced to FIVE new characters within TWO pages!!! That’s a bit much don’t you think???

Final Thoughts:

While the backup story isn’t terrible by any means it’s need to drown us in new characters bring my score down a bit. The main Batman story has me extremely excited for what’s coming up in Gotham and the art makes this book a pure joy to look at!


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