avengers mech strike #2 cover

Avengers: Mech Strike #2 Review

Writer: Jed Mackay

Artist: Carlos Magno

Colorist: Guru-eFX

Cover Artists: Kei Zama & Guru-eFX


Release Date: March 3, 2021

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

The Avengers in giant mechs! That what this series is about and that’s what it plans to give readers. The previous issue set up the newest threat that will call for the Avengers to use mech suits to fight. Now Avengers: Mech Strike #2 will show just what these Avengers mechs can do.

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Readers, this is the issue the comic really gives you what it says on the cover. Avengers in mech suits. It starts off pretty dreary as the comic doesn’t pick up where the last issue left off. Rather it’s already a month later and the Avengers have been fighting the new Biomechanoids for some time and it’s not going so well. Tony and T’Challa are working back in the Avengers Mountain while the rest are fighting one giant monster after another with some moments of MCU-style humor placed here and there.

The art is good, the Avengers look good in their new mech suits, though the suits are not that amazing. They’re not bad but they’re not the greatest. I still stand by the idea that this comic is trying to sell new toys but we’ll see. But readers can expect a lot of action with the Avenger mech suits in this comic. Count on that.

avengers mech strike #2 Thor mech preview

As it goes along, the comic feels a little similar to the film Pacific Rim. The first one, of course. The giant robots fighting giant monsters, they use a doomsday clock to keep track of time, and the frequency of monster attacks keeps increasing each time. However, for readers who think they’ll have to wait issues before the comic reveals the main villain, don’t worry. The comic does reveal the mastermind behind it all and what they have in store for the Avengers.


So, the main villain is Kang The Conqueror. Tony and T’Challa basically ran through a list of usual suspects and realized the Biomechanoids are terrestrial and made on Earth. They just didn’t realize the technology came from the far future. Although these Biomechanoids are not the most devastating threats and it feels like a underwhelming strategy on Kang’s part.

avengers mech strike #2 mech preview pic

However, Carlos Magno and Guru-eFX do an amazing job in bringing Kang to life in this book, whether it’s with the mechs, the Avengers, the Biomechanoids, or their master Kang himself. They all look really good. And what Kang has in store is pretty run of the mill, but like everything else in the comic, it’s not that bad of an idea.

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Final Thoughts

Readers finally get what the title is selling: Avengers fighting in mech suits. The art is great in this comic, but the fights range from fine to skippable. There are a couple of big moments in this comic that certainly up the stakes for the series, but we’ll see if the payoff is good or not.


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