Atlantis Attacks #1 Review

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Ario Anindito
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 22, 2020

I can’t say this one was on my radar of must-reads heading into it, but I do like the Agents of Atlas and Greg Pak and love Namor so here we go! I’m not asking for much overall… I really just want to have fun (like Cyndi Lauper) and enjoy myself (like Debbie Gibson). So, do I get to do all that? Let’s find out…

The issue opens with Silk and Amadeus Cho looking at the City of Pan with a smile on their faces and while Amadeus is not saying much, we get some recap narration for those jumping on here right before it all goes to hell… in the form of Namor!

We then go back in time a day and see Wave saving some people (and a surfer…yea, surfers don’t count) from a sea monster which cuts some people’s vacations in Pan short, and gets Silk and Amadeus on the scene as well. It also does a good job of showing readers what Pan is all about and some of the problems the Atlas team face on the reg. The “catch you up” vibe continues with Issac Ikeda, White Fox and Sword Master… and of course, the Dragon that powers Pan. And the Dragon is why Namor gets involved.

Back to the present, Namor is looking badass above the surging ocean, demanding Pan releases the Dragon, which happens to be a Sacred Dragon of Atlantis no less, or he starts wrecking shit up!

Cue the fight scene as Amadeus and Namor duke it out, trash talk and even try a little sensible talk. The talk ends with an Atlas Assemble moment and Namor demanding the Dragon in one day or else. I would have loved to see Namor fight everyone right then and there, but this is the first issue so we can’t do that, dummy!

While Amadeus has no idea what they are going to do, Jimmy Woo shows up with some OGs to lend a hand…or some fists…or some powers…we are actually going to have to wait and see what he is lending!

This was a decent beginning to this story, though it was bogged down a bit by recap and was essentially just setup. We introduce the sides and establish the conflict between them and not much else. Fans of the Agents of Atlas book will be better served by this since Namor just shows up to be the big bad and nothing more yet. The art is good throughout and the cliffhanger is interesting as well.

Final Thoughts:

Atlantis Attacks doesn’t feel big just yet as Greg Pak spends most of the real estate on recap and introductions for new readers to jump in. It does enough to get the story going, but not much else and while I am going to continue reading, it didn’t jump up my pull list. Recommended mainly to fans of the Agents of Atlas book.


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