Agents of Atlas #2 Review

Writer: Greg Pak
Artists: Nico Leo and Pop Mhan
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 4th, 2019

When this book was first announced, I was excited! I did not get a chance to read the War of the Realms tie-in, but I figured “Hey no worries”, I’ll just jump in here. I really enjoy Amadeus, especially in the Champions series, plus now I can start reading about Shang-Chi before his movie comes out! Plus, I have been meaning to read a little Silk so this is a one-stop shop for me! Yea, I was a little worried that this book might not be for me, but let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We start our issue right where we left off last issue, in a battle with a dragon! Or maybe its a Wyvern? Either way, it’s pretty awesome! It is always great when a writer gets to have fun and use all their imagination in a book. The problem here, though, is that the art is really bad! I’m guessing that there will be some people dropping this book just because of the art.

This book has a bunch of action scenes that can usually give the reader something to enjoy as the characters show how bad to the bone they are, but here, all we get is some flirting and some really bad dialogue.

By the end, we finally get our heroes about to do some superhero saving the day stuff when Mike Nguyen comes up to them and offers them a job. It’s a toss up of who wants to get paid and who wants to be a hero for free and really, this was the best part of the issue. I understand that getting paid to be a hero seems off, but bills have to be paid, you know! The issue ends with Cho and Luna discussing the possibility of being set up, when an attack comes from the distance. Things get pretty crazy from there, but that doesn’t stop the love that is in the air!

Final Thoughts:

Well, I gave this book a chance and I just don’t think it’s for me. The art and dialogue were not great and while the story was decent enough, I can’t bring myself to recommend it. I guess I’ll get my Amadeus, Shang-Chi and Silk elsewhere!


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