Action Comics #1036 Review

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Sean Lewis

Art: Daniel Sampere, Adriano Lucas, Dave Sharpe, Sami Basri, and HI-FI

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: November 9th, 2021

Price: $4.99

Everything has been building to this moment, including last week’s BATMAN/ SUPERMAN AUTHORITY SPECIAL #1. Somehow, a semi-powerless SUPERMAN and his merry band of semi-charmed misfits finally head out to Warworld to stop Mongul. Frankly, in recent history, this could be the weakest we’ve seen good ol’ Supes making this mission quite dangerous for Clark. Let’s soar into ACTION COMICS #1036 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Daniel Sampere to see where this story begins to unfold as this ragtag group of “Avengers” begin to “Assemble” for Warworld.

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Readers trying to jump into the events of ACTION COMICS and SUPERMAN right now may find it a bit tricky to navigate. There is just a ton that’s been going on since FUTURE STATE making these events right now hard to swim through. Therefore, I caution new readers to wade through some back issues and series like SUPERMAN AND THE AUTHORITY before navigating this issue.

That said, the most interesting aspect of ACTION COMICS #1036 this week was Warworld itself. Let me explain. Johnson provides some insight into the terror and genuine essence of Warworld, even down to the contingents and divisions. Truthfully, it was a bit messy and complex. However, I couldn’t help but find it intriguing.

Nevertheless, the element of the issue that seemed a bit cliché/ comic trope forerunner was that our AUTHORITY team will be up against its own (in a way) evil Warworld “Authority”. Additionally, it felt like SUPERMAN almost took a backseat in his own comic this week. Sure, SUPERMAN is still the leader and glue of this team. However, it’s almost as if he’s there as a life coach.


The magnitude and breadth of ACTION COMICS #1036 are extremely impressive. There are so many components, as well as detailed layers throughout this issue that showcase exactly what Daniel Sampere is truly capable of. Moreover, the colors literally pop off the page thanks to Adriano Lucas making this artistic team up one that dazzles upon entry. All the feeling and emotion that cascades throughout each panel are directly related to Sampere and this creative team. Sampere has this knack for making important junctures even more remarkable with a sense of passion that pulls the reader deep into the issue.


Fans that have been really digging ACTION COMICS and SUPERMAN since FUTURE STATE will be excited to see everything finally begin to blossom with the fruits of what’s been growing for months now. Yet, I reiterate, fans who’ve been distant from SUPERMAN in these past months should at least comb back through SUPERMAN AND THE AUTHORITY before diving into ACTION COMICS #1036. Furthermore, to the diehard Man of Steel fans, you’ll be a bit displeased to see him be more of a quiet side character in his own book. Granted, sometimes powerful stories about supporting characters need to be addressed even at the expense of the main character…. as long as it’s not a reoccurring or continual thing.

Moreover, the action is not very prevalent in this issue, however, the science-fiction campaign is real, the excitement is genuine, and fans receive much-needed development for the Warworld story moving forward. Readers, ACTION COMICS #1036 is merely the beginning of what Johnson has ushered in as an epic story waiting on the horizon. If I were you, I’d catch up on SUPERMAN real quick and hop on board before it’s too late. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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