Above Snakes #2 Review

Writer: Sean Lewis

Artist: Hayden Sherman

Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: August 17, 2022

Price: $3.99

Things slow down for Dirt in the aftermath of his massacre of Fat Cobber and his men in the last issue.  Above Snakes #2 by Sean Lewis takes place a week later and Dirt finds himself the talk of the town and being viewed as an eligible bachelor.  At least by Annie, a fellow revenge seeker, and she convinces him to go on a date with her.  Of course, what are the chances of this date actually going smoothly…

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The Story

Sean Lewis takes a deep dive into the character of Dirt in Above Snakes #2.  Lewis starts to dig into the layers behind Dirt’s quest for revenge, showing a flashback to the beginning of their relationship, as well as how the Above Snakes Gang got involved with Dorothea in the first place.  Getting this glimpse into Dirt’s life prior to her death goes a long way in understanding his motivations and empathizing with his single-minded devotion to revenge.  But Lewis goes a step further and rounds out Dirt’s character by showing his compassionate, more gentle side as he starts to bond with Annie over their traumas.  At least until a figure from those traumas shows up and it’s back to the violence, which is just as satisfying as the last issue and goes even further in revealing Dirt’s character.

The Art

The art of Above Snakes #2 is bizarre and wonderful.  Hayden Sherman’s use of rich, saturated colors still seems counterintuitive to the setting of the story, and yet it still works.  The colors enhance the linework throughout the issue and together they help to communicate the emotions of the situation.  Moving throughout the issue, the color palette flows through warm tones to cool and back again with ease and sets each scene apart while staying part of the whole.

Final Thoughts

Above Snakes #2 is a brilliant follow-up to the action-packed first issue.  Taking a step back from the action to focus on the characters, this issue keeps the story moving forward in a delightfully unexpected way.


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