Civil War Series Review

Writer: Mark Millar

Art: Steve McNiven, Dexter Vines, and Morry Hollowell

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released Date: May 3rd, 2006

Issues Contained: 1-7


A conflict has been brewing in the Marvel Universe for over a year, threatening to pit friend against friend, brother against brother–and all it will take is a single misstep to cost thousands their lives and ignite the fuse! As the war claims its first victims, no one is safe as teams, friendships, and families begin to fall apart. Civil War, a Marvel Comics event in seven parts, stars Spider-Man, the New Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and the entirety of the Marvel pantheon! Civil War — the cross-over that rewrites the rules –

Overall Series Review:

Readers, CIVIL WAR changed the way things would operate in the Marvel Comic Landscape. Mark Millar’s incredible story shed light on the questions of accountability that never truly existed before in Marvel Comics. The narratives genuine ethical debates and controversies may have no “real” answers but the series induces so much critical thinking that it’s hard to not stop and ponder what side you’d be on and why. Both sides warrant consideration and merit, which is a solid pledge to the amazing writing chops of Mark Millar and his creative team.

For the comic’s time, and possibly still today, CIVIL WAR was a very ambitious story. Readers can see that Millar completely understands the multitude of Marvel characters involved and has done his research well before diving into this overly extensive cast of characters. Furthermore, Millar has a driving purpose behind this story and the fast-paced nature of this event loans itself well to trade form rather than an issue to issue basis. I strongly recommend those fans who read the series piecemeal as it came out to try to reread CIVIL WAR again in its entirety. You may come to the series with a new love and perspective than you once had before.

Now, many may argue that a comic is meant as a release and not for realism and politics. Moreover, CIVIL WAR isn’t a space opera nor is it a parallel universe-shattering event in any way. It’s not galaxy-wide or supernatural in constitution. It’s simply real, authentic, critical, and heavy… but also down to our Earth and politically debatable. As many may find this series cynical, I find it believable, logical, and something that should have happened years before. To those who found CIVIL WAR depressing, I would strongly disagree and actually say I found it quite exhilarating. Millar’s work is well written, thrilling, action-packed, and raw. Furthermore, Steve McNiven’s art was expressive, detailed, textured beautifully, and fantastic to look at. What more could you ask for in a series?

If you’re interested in CIVIL WAR, click HERE to get your hands on this terrific series through Amazon. And, if you love comics as I do, click HERE and head to my online Comic Shop to get your hands on some remarkable comics, trades, graphic novels, and digital issues. Ultimately, any story that makes me feel like it has huge ramifications to the overall landscape of the comic world has me sold as a must-read. Millar’s writing affirms your need to pick this series up as it’s incredibly strong and contains so many big reveals that you won’t want to put it down. Fans, this series is essential for Marvel Comic fans or Marvel Cinematic Universe fans to read. I proudly stake my claim in CIVIL WAR by Mark Millar and highly recommend this series. Go grab a copy, stay home, stay safe, and read some comics!


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